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Clerk of the Franklin County Commission

Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Located at 400 E Locust Room 201, County Government Center


Clerk of the County Commission:  RSMO-Chapter 51

The office of Clerk of the County Commission was established by State Statute in 1946.  Not to be confused with the Office of the Circuit Clerk which deals in Court related issues.

Below is a list of duties that the Franklin County Clerks office performs

County Commission Minutes:

County General Ledger:

Accounts Receivable:

Accounts Payable:

Payroll and Human Resource:

Other responsibilities include:

Certify Assessed Values:

Railroad and Utility Company’s:

TIF and CID:

Flood Lease Properties:

Grant monitoring: 

Financial Statement:



Notary Commissions:




Notary Commissions

Auctioneers License or Contact the County Clerks office

The Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control Liquor License  

 Microfilmed information at the office of the County Clerk

                Partial Birth Records from 1883 to 1892

                Partial Death Records from 1883 to 1887

                Land Tax Books from 1835 to 1988


Questions that we receive not relevant to our office.

Questions regarding Court related issues including jury duty, traffic tickets or Court dates should be directed to the office of the
Circuit Clerk at 636-583-7366.

Property Tax questions: Regarding values contact the Assessors Office,
regarding tax amount contact Collectors office.

 Personal Property tax waiver: Contact Assessors office

 Marriage License: Contact Recorder of Deeds

 Birth Certificates: If the birth occurred in Missouri 1920 to present, contact the Franklin County Health Department

Death Certificates: If the death occurred in Missouri 1980 to present, contact the Franklin County Health Department

fax 636-583-7320


Franklin County Offices  400 E Locust, Union, MO. 63084    hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM