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As of Thursday, August 9 at 1:00 PM ET, there were 145 confirmed cases of influenza infection with H3N2v virus, since the current outbreaks began in July of this year.  This includes one case in Hawaii, one case in Illinois, 113 cases being reported from Indiana, and 30 cases being reported from Ohio.  Confirmed cases have had exposure to swine, and most of these infections have occurred in people exhibiting swine, family members of exhibiters, people visiting swine barns at fairs, or people attending fairs where swine are present.  The severity of human illness associated with this virus continues to resemble that of seasonal flu.  Most cases are mild and self-limited and resolve on their own.  Most cases have occurred in children.  CDC has not received any report of deaths associated with H3N2v infection, and there have been two confirmed hospitalizations with H3N2v infection so far.  Both patients have recovered and have been discharged. 

Additional information can be found on CDCs web site.

 Increase in Influenza A H3N2v Virus Infections in Three U.S. States (CDC)
(Includes interim recommendations for the public and for health care providers)

Key Facts about Human Infections with Variant Viruses [Swine Origin Influenza Viruses in Humans] (CDC)

Information on Influenza A [H3N2] Variant Viruses ]H3N2v] (CDC)

Fact Sheet: Protect Yourself Against H3N2v

Take Action to Prevent the Spread of Flu Between People and Pigs at Fairs

Prevention Strategies for Seasonal and Influenza A(H3N2)v in Health Care Settings

Interim Guidance on Case Definitions to be Used For Investigations of Influenza A(H3N2)v Virus Cases


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