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Your WIC Visit


In order to enroll in the WIC Program we must complete state and federal requirements.  To help make your appointment go as smoothly as possible we ask that you review the information below to make sure you bring all of the required paperwork to your appointments. 

Appointment Types:

Your WIC appointments will be for certification, recertification, nutrition education/class, high risk or voucher pick up.  The type of appointment that you are scheduled for will be written in your WIC folder.  Checks/vouchers for all active WIC members are printed at each appointment.

1. Certification/Recertification (commonly referred to as C/RC appointment).  Required every six months. 

                                All individuals that are being placed on program or recertified on WIC MUST be present

o   You MUST bring in your proofs: If any of the required proofs are missing, your appointment will be re-scheduled
    NO EXCEPTIONS-   Click here to view required proofs.


o   Diet sheets: MUST be completed prior to appointment time. Please include the name and date of birth for each WIC client and,
    if it applies, your expected due date.  


2.       Nutrition Education or Class:  You or your named proxy will need to be present.


3.       6month reassessment (RA):  Reassessment of the infant’s height & weight.  The infant will need to be present or you can
      bring in a current ht/wt from the doctor.  You will need to have a completed diet sheet for this appointment. 


4.       Fingerstick (FS)/hemoglobin testing:  The individual being checked will need to be present. 
Usually this is done for the 9-10 month old or the post partum mom. 


5.       Check pick up/Voucher only (VO):  You or your named proxy will need to be present.


6.       High Risk (HR):  If the participant is an expectant or post partum mom they will need to be present. 
If the appointment is for a child the proxy can come for the appointment.


ü  If you cannot keep an appointment, call in ADVANCE!  1-800-738-9WIC/636-583-7307

ü  Failure to provide necessary information may require rescheduling.

ü  If you need special formula make sure you have your special formula form with you OR that your physician has faxed it prior to your visit. No phone calls will be made by the WIC staff on your behalf and no scripts will be accepted.




Franklin County Offices  400 E Locust, Union, MO. 63084    hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM