Planning and Zoning

Franklin County Planning and Zoning

Unified Land-Use Regulations




Table of Contents

Article 1

General Provisions

Article 2


Article 3


Article 4

Applications, Permits, and Hearings

Article 5

Enforcement and Review

Article 6

Nonconforming Situations

Article 7

Zoning Districts

Article 8

Subdivision Regulations

Article 9

Planned Unit Developments

Article 10

Supplementary Use Regulations

Article 11

Floodplain Management

Article 12

Parking Requirements

Article 13


Article 14


Article 15

Residential Cluster Development

Article 16

Sign Regulations

Article 17

Sale of Consumer Fireworks

Article 18

Material Public Nuisances

Article 19

Telecommunication Towers

Article 20

Erosion Control & Stormwater Management

Appendix C

Street Design

Appendix G

Assurance for Completion and Maintenance of Improvements

Appendix O

Confined Animal Feeding Operations


A full copy (in binder) of the Unified Land Use Regulations may be purchased from the Planning & Zoning Department for $35.00




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