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The Franklin County Prosecutorís Office handles civil tax and sewer cases, not criminal.



The Prosecutorís Office receives tax petitions from the:

Missouri Department of Revenue

Division of Taxation and Collection

3400B Knipp Drive

Jefferson City, MO  65109

(573) 751-7200

The petitions state the type of tax, tax years and amounts of taxes due.  If you receive a petition and a letter from the Prosecutorís Office, please review the petition carefully.  In or around paragraph 4, the petition should indicate if the taxes due for a particular year have been filed and not timely paid, or not filed at all.

If the taxes have not been filed, please send copies of all W-2ís for that tax year to the attention of Angie Stanton at the  Franklin County Prosecutorís Office:

15 S Church St room 204

Union, MO  63084

The copies will be forwarded to the Department of Revenue (DOR) so a claim can be filed on the taxpayerís behalf.  This will usually reduce or sometimes eliminate the amount of taxes due.

If the taxes were filed, but not paid, please contact Angie at (636) 583-6380, to sent up a time to appear in person at the Prosecutorís Office and sign a consent judgment.  A consent judgment allows you to make a monthly or weekly payment towards your delinquent taxes.



The Prosecutorís Office receives information about sewer violations from the Franklin County Health Department.  The Prosecutorís Office notifies the property owner by letter that a violation has been turned over to the PAís Office.  If action is not taken to correct the sewer violation within 30 days, a petition for injunctive relief is filed with the Court.  If the Court grants injunctive relief, the land owners will have an additional 45 days to correct the problem.  If the problem is still not corrected after this time, the state may take ownership of the land.

All correspondence for a sewer violation must go through the Health Department first.  Dawn Sharp inspects all of the sewer violations and monitors the progress of repairs.  If you have questions about repairing a failing septic system, please contact Dawn Sharp at (636) 583-7300.


Franklin County Offices  400 E Locust, Union, MO. 63084    hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM