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Real Estate Requirements

The following information is required for the proper filing and recording of Real Estate transactions:

1.  All Requirements as outlined in the General Document Filing Requirements
2.  Date
3.  Names of Grantor and Grantee

4.  Address Requirements (59.330 1)

 a)  Grantee on Deeds
 b)  Beneficiary on Deeds of Trust
 c)  Assignee on Assignments

5.  Legal Description of property (59.330 1)
6.  Signature on a document shall have the corresponding name typed, printed or stamped underneath said signature (59.310 2)
7.  Must be proved or acknowledged according to law (i.e. valid Notary Public signature, seal and expiration date)  (59.330 1)
8.  Affected Book and Page, if needed (i.e. Releases; Assignments; etc.)
9.  Amount of Note on Deed of Trust
10. All Parties must sign agreements, contracts, etc. and signatures must be properly acknowledged
11. Corporate seals required where applicable
12. Minimum 8 point type [59.310 1 (2)]
13. Re-acknowledgement required to re-record a document
14. Fees: as per Fee Schedule
15. Page" means any writing, printing or drawing covering all or part of one side of a paper, other than a plat, not larger than
      8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, or of a plat not larger than 24 inches by 36 inches (59.310 1)
16. Document must be of sufficient legibility to produce a clear and legible reproduction; if not , document must be accompanied
      by an exact typewritten copy to be recorded contemporaneously with document [59.310 1 (3)


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