Current Solicitations

You will find in this section all of the current, open opportunities for Franklin County Government. This section of our site is updated regularly.

The email notification of bid issuance is given as a courtesy. It is the bidder's sole responsibility to check the Franklin County website for issuance of solicitations. The Purchasing Department shall not guarantee that by registering to be notified of solicitation issuance that such shall occur nor shall the Purchasing Department guarantee successful delivery of such email notification. The Purchasing Department shall have the right to officially amend or cancel a solicitation after issuance. It shall be the sole responsibility of the offeror to monitor the Franklin County website. It shall also be the sole responsibility of the offeror to obtain the solicitation document, any exhibits, attachments, and addendums thereto. Therefore, the offeror is cautioned to check the Franklin County website prior to submitting your response to ensure that you have a complete, up-to-date package to include all addendum(s) and or additional information.

Any and all communication from offerors regarding specifications, requirements, competitive proposal process, etc., must be directed to the Purchasing Department, unless the solicitation specifically refers the offeror to another contact. Such e-mail, fax or phone communication should be received by the questions deadline stated in the solicitation.


As of 09/01/2018 Franklin County will begin to utilize the Vendor Registry platform for the County vendor list and posting of solicitations. ALL VENDORS are urged to use the link provided below to register their company as a vendor and receive solicitation notifications.


Vendor Registry