Environmental Health

The environmental health section provides systematic inspection of all food handling establishments in the county including:

Bakeries Grocery Stores Meat Markets Taverns
Convenience Stores Head Starts Restaurants Lodging
Catering Businesses Home Day Care Centers Senior Citizens Centers
Day-Care Centers Ice Cream Shops  School Cafeterias  

any other establishments that prepares or serves food. These inspections ensure compliance with sanitation standards and sanitary practices. They also ensure compliance with the Franklin County Food Service and Retail Food Services Sanitation Ordinance, which requires each food-handling establishment to be permitted annually by the Franklin County Health Department. The inspections are crucial to the prevention of food-borne disease outbreaks. Environmental Public Health Specialist (EPHS) review plans for new food service establishment construction and conducts compliance inspections. EPHS inspect daycares for licensure, checking all food service sanitation facilities for appropriateness and safety. They also collect suspect food, water, and milk samples for laboratory test on possible food product contamination and labeling. EPHS also respond to health related emergencies, conduct embargoes or recalls on damaged food products when circumstances merit such action.

Commercial lodging (hotel and motel) facilities are inspected annually for safety and cleanliness.

Non-community and private drinking water supplies are tested for bacterial contamination. An EPHS will inspect a private well for sanitation defects upon request from the owner. Water sample test kits are available from the Health Department for the purpose of testing for coliform and other excessive levels of bacteria in your private water supply.

EPHS staff teach and provides education to food service personnel in safe, sanitary and healthful food handling procedures. If you would like an EPHS to come out and conduct a free training at your establishment please call 636-583-7308.  They also respond to citizen complaints related to a variety of environmental and other potential health hazards.