WIC Visit

In order to enroll in the WIC Program we must complete state and federal requirements. To help make your appointment go as smoothly as possible we ask that you review the information below to make sure you bring all of the required paperwork to your appointments.


Appointment Types:


  1. Certification/Recertification (C/RC). Required yearly.  All individuals that are enrolling into the WIC program or who are to be recertified MUST be present.

o    You MUST bring in your proofs: If any of the required proofs are missing, your appointment may need to be re-scheduled - Click here to view required proofs.

  1. Nutrition Education or Class:  You or your named alternative representative will need to be present.
  2. 6 month Midcertification / Midcertification (6MC/MC): Reassessment of the infant or child's height & weight and HGB check as needed. The infant/child will need to be present unless you can bring in ht/wt measurements from the doctor (no more than 60 days old). You will also need to bring a current shot record.
  3. Finger stick/hemoglobin testing (FS/HGB): The individual needing the test will need to be present.  Usually, this is done for the post-partum mom who is 4-6 weeks post-partum, the 9-11 month old, or every 6-12 months as needed based on test results.
  4. eWIC Benefit Issuance / VO: You or your named proxy or alternative representative will need to be present.
  5. High Risk (HR):  If the participant is an expectant or post-partum mom, they will need to be present.  If the appointment is for a child, the alternative representative can come with the child for the appointment.




  • If you cannot keep an appointment, please call in ADVANCE. 636-583-7307
  • Failure to provide necessary information may require rescheduling.
  • If you need special formula, please make sure you have your special formula form with you OR that your physician has faxed it prior to your visit. No prescriptions can be accepted - the specific Medcial Documentation Health Care Provider Authorization (WIC-27) form must be completed.