Unified Land Use Regulations

Please note: These regulations are provided electronically to the public as a courtesy. We make every effort to keep these documents updated as amendments are made, but it is possible that each article or appendix may not be the most up-to-date version. To ensure that you are accessing the correct information, we recommend contacting us for confirmation. 


A full paper copy (in binder) of the Unified Land Use Regulations may be purchased from the Planning & Zoning Department for $35.00 (with advance notice).

Article 1 General Provisions
Article 2 Definitions
Article 3 Administrative
Article 4 Applications, Permits & Hearings
Article 5 Enforcement & Review
Article 6 Prior-Existing Nonconforming Uses
Article 7 Zoning Districts
Article 7 Zoning Chart
Article 7 Zoning Map
Article 8 Subdivisions
Article 9 Planned Unit Developments
Article 10 Supplementary Use Regulations
Article 11 Floodplain Management
Article 12 Parking
Article 13 Buffers
Article 14 Amendments
Article 15 Residential Cluster Development
Article 16 Sign Regulations
Article 17 Sale of Consumer Fireworks
Article 18 Material Public Nuisances
Article 19 Wireless Support Structures
Article 20 Erosion Control & Stormwater Management
Appendix C Specifications for Street Design & Construction
Appendix G Assurance for Completion & Maintenance of Improvements
Appendix O Confined Animal Feeding Operations