Road FAQ's

Gravel and Asphalt Roads:

  • How do I report a pothole?
    Please call 636-583-6361
  • How do I get my road paved?
    Please call 636-583-6361 to discuss procedure.
  • When do you grade the roads?
    Roads are graded on a rotation basis unless an emergency due to weather conditions arises.

Road Information:

  • What are the blue street name signs?
    Blue street name signs are for roads not maintained by the County or the State.
  • How is the right-of-way measured?
    Most of the county road right-of-ways are measured from the center of the existing road surface. But with more and more surveys and subdivisions being done, the right-of-way is being established by pins and corners and more exactly defined.
  • How do I vacate a road?
    Contact the County Clerk at 636-583-6355.

Road Maintenance:

  • Who trims the trees along the road?
    The County personnel will trim trees within the right-of-way along county roads. We will remove trees that are dead or in danger of falling. We will contract with outside sources if the trees are larger and/or entwined in power lines. 
  • Will the County accept maintenance of my road?
    At the present time, we are not accepting any new roads for maintenance.
  • Who removes dead animals?
    The county has no provisions to dispose of dead animals.  If there is a dead animal blocking a county roadway, please call (636) 583-6361.
  • What if I have trash on my road?
    Please call 636-583-6361 and county personnel will pick up large items that have been dropped off on the side of the road. (We do not do regular trash pickups) 
  • Is there an "Adopt-A-Road" program along county roads?
    There is no official sponsored county "Adopt-A-Road" program. 
  • How often are weeds cut and how far back will you cut the weeds?
    The county begins cutting weeds about April?  Our first cutting will be one pass with our eight (8) brush hogs.  After we have covered all the roads in the County we will begin our second cutting and it will include two passes.  In the fall, we will cut one-half of the county roads back to the right-of-way line.  The next year we do the other half. There are certain areas that may require additional cuttings depending on the weather and the type of weeds.
  • What if I see a stop sign lying down?
    Please call (636) 583-6361 immediately and give the location.
  • How do I report a tree on the roadway?
    Please call 636-583-6361 with location and approximate size of the tree.
  • What if I cant's see the stripes on the road?
    Franklin County has a stripping program that does approximately one-quarter of the county every year.  The County does not stripe chip and seal roads that have been recently resurfaced.
  • Can I park along the County road?
    For safety concerns parking is discouraged along county roads. It is not illegal unless the vehicle parked is impeding traffic or if a "no parking" sign is present along the right-of-way. (see "No Parking" signs below)
  • Does the County put up "No Parking" signs?
    The county will put up “no parking” signs in special circumstances.  Please contact the county and we will review the situation and determine if one is needed.  It will take a Commission Order to install that sign.
  • Can I put signs along the road?
    Political and advertising signs are not allowed within the right-of-way. Any signs to be permanently installed on private property do require a permit from the Planning and Zoning Department.