Miscellaneous FAQ's


  • Do I need a permit to build a driveway/entrance to my property or modify an existing driveway/entrance from a County Road? 
  • Where do I get an entrance/subdivision permit?
    Visit the Highway Department at the Government Center
  • How much is a driveway permit?
    $60.00 (We accept check or exact cash only)
  • Do I need an entrance permit to build a subdivision?
    You will be required to get an entrance permit when you file for the subdivision.
  • Do I need a permit to work along the road?
    Any work within the roadway right-of-way requires a permit.  There is a $60 charge for this permit. print a copy here
  • Will the County buy me a new culvert?
    The homeowner is required to pay for and install their culvert.  
  • Does the County replace driveway culverts?
    The homeowner is required to purchase and install their own culvert. A permit will be required.  


  • How are load limits set on the County bridges?
Every two years MoDOT inspects our bridges and, based on information in the field and calculations, a load limit is set.
  • How is it determined which bridges are going to be replaced?
Every two years MoDOT inspects our bridges and rates the bridges by the amount of deterioration.  When a bridge becomes 50% deficient, Federal money is available to replace the bridge.


  • When do they start plowing the roads?
    The amount of accumulation and temperature determines start and stopping times.
  • Does the County pre-treat roads?
    Yes, depending on the projected weather.
  • What chemicals are used on the roads for ice and snow removal?
    Salt is the main chemical that is used for melting. Cinders are used to provide traction.Calcium Chloride in the liquid form is used to help lower the melting temperature.
  • What are those black things coming out of the back of the truck?
    Cinders from the Ameren plant.
  • How do I know when they will plow the snow off my road?
    Roads are cleared in a rotation. Highly traveled roads are cleared first.
  • How can I stop the snow plow from filling my driveway?
    Driveways are the responsibility of each property owner. 


  • What are your office hours?
    Our office hours are 8 AM to 4:30 PM.
  • Whom do I call after hours if there is an emergency?
    If there is a tree or water across the road, please call the sheriff’s department at  636 583 2567.  They will dispatch highway personnel as needed.  If you have any other non emergency concerns, please leave a message at  636 583-6361.


  • When can I burn brush?
    Contact your fire district for guidelines.