Required Proofs for Services

Proof of Identity:

  • For Infant or Child – Immunization Record, Birth Certificate, Hospital Record, or Social Service Letter with identifying information.
  • For Adult – Photo ID such as Driver's License, Passport, Employment ID card, School ID card, or State ID Card.
  • When Photo ID not available – Card or letter verifying employment, school, healthcare, social services, or voter registration.

Proof of Residency:
  • Current Utility Bill, Rent/Mortgage Receipt for Lodging/Housing.
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Property Tax Receipt

Proof of Income:

  • Mo HealthNet , MC+, TANF, or Food Stamps Approval /Eligibility Authorization Form Letter
  • Public assistance, Social Security, unemployment or workman’s compensation copy of check,  check stub or statement of benefits
  • Employment or military pay receipts, payroll checks or pay stubs
  • W-2 forms
  • Commissions, fees and tips records
  • Federal tax forms
  • Copy of alimony or child support checks received
  • Copy of statement for interest income.


*Not all inclusive lists**