Road Signs & Address Display

Follow these instructions for the display of road names and address numbers:


Display address numbers on both sides of the mail box, using 4-inch reflective numbers and 1-inch reflective numbers on the flap. If the mailbox is not located at the driveway, use a 4 x 4 post with 4-inch reflective numbers on each side of the post.  If the mailbox is located on a different road than the home/business, add the road name to the mail box as well. 


Keep address numbers in good repair and replace as needed. Ensure address numbers are visible by clearing away branches, leaves, snow, etc.


Teach children their address, in case they need to call 911. As a reference for visitors or children, display your address in your home (near the phone or where easily visible). 


As an added precaution, post your address on your home/business near the front door or under a light. Use high contrast numbers (e.g. black numbers on white surface, white numbers on a black surface, etc.)


If your private street sign is damaged or missing, please use the "Private Street Sign Replacement Request" under Forms to report it immediately. 


Following these instructions will help to avoid any delays in locating your home or business in an emergency and may save your life and the lives of those around you. Responders will be using signs and numbers to locate you, so all displays should be visible and easily read in any condition.