Assessor's Duties & Responsibilities

What is the Assessor's responsibility?
The Assessors responsibility is to value and assess real estate and personal property located within the county. Contrary to popular misconceptions, the Assessor does not calculate taxes, collect taxes, set tax rates or create tax bills. The Assessor is concerned with property values, not taxes. The collectors office creates the tax bills and collects the taxes for the various taxing entities that are located within the county. Taxing jurisdictions determine the tax levy, which is the rate of taxation required to fill the gap between the operating budget and expected revenue. It is the taxpayers responsibility, as a property owner, to contact the appropriate taxing entities or attend their annual budget meetings if there are questions or concerns about taxes or how tax dollars are spent.

The assessor's work is subject to review by the Board of Equalization and the State Tax Commission. The State Tax Commission is the state agency charged with general supervision of assessors and with enforcing property tax laws.


Annual Real Estate Assessment Roll:

  • The Franklin County assessor's Office currently tracks and assesses over 73,000 parcels totaling more than $1.511 billion in assessed value. This is the thirteenth highest assessed value in the State of Missouri out of the 114 counties and the City of St. Louis.
  • The Franklin County Assessor's Office receives and processes over 10,000 related instruments and deeds from the Franklin County GIS Department per year. Currently there are over 6,300 subdivisions in Franklin County.
  • The Franklin County Assessor's Office biannually reassesses all real estate in Franklin County, which involves reviewing the data, updating data and new photographs if needed on an ongoing basis.
  • All new construction is tracked; data collected, assessed and added to the assessment rolls annually. Residential, agricultural and commercial new construction is assessed based on its value as of January 1 of each year. Notification of value change on new construction parcels are sent each year.
  • The Franklin County Assessors Office notifies owners of real property if the value established for the individual parcels has increased. Over 20,000 notices are mailed annually.
  • The Franklin County Assessors Office classifies each parcel of real estate in compliance with the classifications defined under Missouri statute. This includes approximately  50,000 residential, 24,000 agricultural and 3,400 commercial classifications.
  • The Franklin County Assessors Office conducts hundreds of informal hearings. Most are done during the reassessment year, but some hearings are held every year.
  • The Franklin County Assessors Office receives thousands of requests for information available from our office. We receive requests from mortgage companies, real estate agents, banks, appraisers, title companies, government agencies, tax representatives, communities, taxing entities and from our property owners.
  • The Franklin County Assessor's Office, Real Estate Division consists of two office support personnel, six field personnel,  and one supervisor.
  • The Franklin County Assessor's Office strives to operate efficiently and responsibly. In the past few years our office has upgraded to state of the art computer software for the real estate department. This allows our office to be more independent and flexible.

Annual Personal Property Assessment Roll:

  • The Franklin County Assessor's Office mails personal property Assessment Lists (declarations) annually to every individual and business that was on the assessment roll the previous year. More than 44,000 declarations are mailed each year with an assessed value over $300 million. 
  • As the declarations are returned they are electronically scanned, then the actual image can be viewed at the workstations. In March second notices are are mailed to individuals and businesses whose declarations were not received.
  • More than 80,000 automobiles and trucks are valued utilizing values from the National Automobile Dealers Association manuals. The Franklin County Personal Property Department maintains an excess of over 25,000 values for these makes, models and years of vehicles.
  • Additional items required to be assessed by Missouri statutes include motorcycles, buses, airplanes, motor homes, campers, boats, trailers, mobile homes not attached to owner land, farm machinery, livestock and business equipment.
  • The Franklin County Assessor's Office Personal Property Division consists of one lease company clerk, two personal property clerks, one business clerk and one supervisor.

Preparation of Annual Railroad & Utilities Assessments:

  • Local assessed utilities and railroads are required to report property information to the assessor by April 1, annually. The assessments include both real and personal property and must be identified by taxing jurisdiction and certified by the County Clerk by April 20 each year. These values can fluctuate due to inventories and construction work in progress.

Board of Equalization:

  • Taxpayers who feel the assessment established by the Franklin County Assessor's Office is unfair or incorrect, may appeal to the Board of Equalization (BOE). This appeal must be filed by the second Monday in July in the corresponding year. The Franklin County Assessor's Office presents to the BOE all information relevant to the appeal so the BOE has adequate information to reach a determination as to the assessment placed on the property.
  • The Franklin County Assessor's Office places great emphasis on addressing taxpayers concerns in an effort to see everyone is treated fairly and to minimize the number of appeals filed to the BOE.

State Tax Commission Appeals:

  • The Franklin County Counsel represents the county on all assessment appeals from the BOE.  All of our appraisal staff work directly with the property owners answering concerns and questions they have regarding how their values are determined.