Prosecutor: Child Support FAQ's

I was divorced in Franklin County.  Why doesn’t Union Child Support have my child support case? 
All child support cases are initiated through a state office that handles the cases for the county where the custodial parent lives.  The Child Support Enforcement office in Union is a division of the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.
Can I open a child support case at the Child Support Division of the Prosecutor’s Office in Union?
No.  You must open a case at the state level by contacting the call center, 866-313-9960. 
Do all child support cases get referred to the Franklin County Division of Child Support?

No.  Some cases are handled administratively by the state office.  Cases that require prosecution through the courts are referred to the Child Support Division of the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

Can an order be established or enforced if the noncustodial parent lives in another state?

Yes.  This can be done through UIFSA, Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, which enables Child Support Enforcement to ask another state to establish or enforce a child support order where the noncustodial parent resides.

Why is Child Support Enforcement initiating a child support case when I did not request it?
If you have received any assistance from the State of Missouri, i.e. TANF, Medicaid, etc., the state office will automatically initiate a child support case and either establish a child support order or enforce an existing child support order.

Will the Franklin County Division of Child Support request that my case be sent to their office?
All referrals that are received in the Franklin County office must meet certain criteria for legal action.  The state office makes the determination whether or not the case will be sent to the prosecutor’s office.  The prosecutor’s office cannot ask the state office to send a referral.

How will I know if the case is referred to the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office?
The custodial parent will be contacted by letter when the office is ready to proceed with legal action. 

My case is at the state office and I am having trouble contacting my caseworker?
The state has a Customer Call Center you may contact with any problems you are having with your current state caseworker.  The number is (866) 313-9960

Will Child Support Enforcement get involved with visitation or custody issues?
No.  Child Support Enforcement only deals with child support issues.

If I have never been married to the father of my child, can I get child support?
Yes.  Child Support Enforcement can establish legal paternity and obtain a child support and medical support order when the father and mother have never been married.

How is paternity determined?
Child Support Enforcement can arrange for DNA testing.  This is done using Buccall swabs, which consists of rubbing the inside of the mouth with a cotton swab.  If the DNA tests show that the man is the child’s father, the court may enter an order establishing paternity.

How do I start a modification on an existing order?
An order must be three years old before the state office would consider a modification to increase or decrease the child support.  You must contact the call center to initial a modification (866) 313-9960.

How is the amount of child support determined?
The child support amount is determined using a Form 14.  The Missouri Supreme Court set the guidelines which consider both parents’ income. 

When paternity is established, will the child’s last name change?
Normally not.  This must be done through a private attorney.


Frequently Used Terms
Parent Receiving Support
Parent who lives with the children
Parent Paying Support 
Parent who does not live with the children
Alleged Father
Men whose fatherhood is in question
Obligee Individual that receives the child support
Obligor Individual that owes the child support
Form 14 The form used to determine the amount of child support.  The guidelines are set by the  Missouri Supreme Court.
Arrearage The total amount of past due child support.
MACSS Missouri Automated Child Support System.  This is the computer system that links all offices handling child support issues.
Family Support Payment Center The centralized payment center located in Jefferson City where all child support payments are sent.
Accrual Date The date specified on the child support order that the child support is due.