The Assistant Prosecutors will give recommendations in traffic cases for those who are represented by an attorney licensed to practice in Missouri.  Once our office receives your e-filed entry from Court on a case, we will forward a recommendation to your office via email that is on file for your office.  Please be sure we have your current email address that you wish to receive this recommendation.  There is NO need to mail us a copy of your entry!


Insurance Tickets

If you have received a ticket for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility or No Proof of Insurance, and you were properly insured on the date of the ticket, please bring a copy of the ticket along with your ORIGINAL insurance card that shows coverage for the date you received the ticket to our office to resolve your ticket. Your ticket will be dismissed if you have provided all the proper documentation.  Declaration page of the policy is not accepted.


If you obtained insurance after the date of the ticket, please bring in the ticket or copy of and original insurance card. Once you receive the proper paperwork from our office, you will go directly over to court to pay the fine and court cost. The ticket will not be dismissed due to obtaining insurance after the offense date.


Traffic cases are heard in the Associate Circuit Court on Wednesday of each week.