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The Franklin County Planning and Zoning Department's mission is to provide professional service to support the present and future citizenry of Franklin County.  Services are to be provided in a responsible, cooperative manner while working with others in achieving protection of our public, private, and natural resources.  We are responsible for regulating a variety of planning activities in unincorporated areas, including land divisions, lot-line adjustments, zoning districts, address assignments, road naming, and floodplain administration. Related to these activities, we handle the process of surveys and subdivision plats, rezoning requests, conditional use permits, zoning enforcement, requests for variance from zoning regulations, and flood plain development permit requests.




 Applications: We will accept sketch plan applications and supporting documentation by email. After we have confirmed receipt of your application and provided a file number, you may call to pay with a credit card (fees for credit cards are $1.55 for any transaction $60 and under, and 2.50% for all transactions over $60).  


 Plats: We will accept draft plats and supporting documentation for review by email as well.  Once they have been approved, the final (signed) plats can be submitted to our office in person, or by mail. 


 Paying for Electronic Submittal by Credit Card:  If we do not receive payment within five business days of assigning the file number, the application will be rejected and sent back to the applicant.


Requesting GIS Data:  Contact the Planning and Zoning Department with the details of your request.  We will forward the request to the County Commission.  If approved, a cooperative agreement will be sent that will need to be signed.  Once the agreement is signed and returned, a Commission Order will be executed allowing us to send the data.  Once the Commission Order is approved, payment will need to be paid to the Planning and Zoning Department and then the data will be sent. Please see the Digital GIS Data Price List for the cost of data requests.


If you have questions about any of the procedures listed above, please call (636) 583-6369.



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