On August 27, 1998, the Franklin County Commission passed a Commission Order that adopted a policy governing the naming of streets, roads and applicable private drives. Further, this Commission Order established the Franklin County Addressing Authority, which performs all addressing functions for the unincorporated areas of the County.

 The County Commission has since designated the Planning & Zoning Department as the Addressing Authority for Franklin County, beginning 2018.

 A uniform standard for addressing is very important. Addresses provide a common, systematic means by which people, places and events, can be located within a community. A property address aids 911 Emergency Services in providing a quicker response time.


To reach the Addressing Coordinator, Deron Eudy, please call the Planning & Zoning Department at (636) 583-6369 or email


For an Address Request or a Private Street Sign Replacement, please visit our FORMS page.  Please note the two pieces of information listed at the top of the form that are required upon submittal. 


These forms and accompanying documentation can be submitted using the email address above. You may also submit them by mail or in person at our office:

Planning & Zoning

400 E Locust St., Room 006

Union, MO 63084


Addressing Policy