Franklin County Commission



The Franklin County Commission is the executive body of Franklin County operating under the 1st Class guidelines established by the Revised Statutes of Missouri.

The executive body of the County Commission is made up by a Presiding Commissioner, 1st District Commissioner, and 2nd District Commissioner. The Presiding when elected takes in the entire county, where the District Commissioners each have a district of the county where they are elected by that particular population. However all Commissioners have the same duties and responsibilities for administrating County business.

The County Commission establishes policies and procedures, enact ordinances, supervises the activities of County Departments, which includes: Public Works (Highway, Building, and Planning and Zoning) Health, IT, and adopts county budget and provides various other services.  The County Commission also keeps minutes and records of the Commission.

The Administrative Office is responsible for carrying out all acts of the County Commission, bidding all goods and services for all county budgeted funds, contracts, building needs and ADA responsibility, employee screening and liaison to Engineering and Road and Bridge.

Franklin County is divided into four legislative districts in the Missouri House of Representatives:

  • District 61

  • District 109

  • District 110

  • District 119

Franklin County is also a part of Missouri's 26th Senatorial District.